North Central Coast Panels & Signs

Together with our partners, interpretive signs have been created for specific MPAs along the Central Coast and are posted below for download. In addition, boundary markers indicating areas of restricted fishing and informational signs are being created for the harbors, boat launch ramps, and other high impact areas.

Point Arena (404K JPEG)
Fisk Mill (380K JPEG)
Duxbury Reef (340K JPEG)
Montara-Fitzgerald (400K JPEG)
Montara-State Park (388K JPEG)
Montara-Lighthouse (358K JPEG)
Bodega Bay MPAs at Spud Point (356K JPEG)
Point Arena, Sea Lion Cove, and Saunders Reef MPAs (356K JPEG)
Salt Point, Stewarts Point, and Gerstle Cove MPAs at Stewarts Point (430K JPEG)
Salt Point, Stewarts Point, and Gerstle Cove MPAs at Gerstle Cove (393K JPEG)
Russian River MPAs (332K JPEG)
Point Arena and Sea Lion Cove MPAs (389K JPEG)
Montara and Pillar Point MPAs (397K JPEG)
Bodega Bay MPAs (394K JPEG)
Miller Boat Launch (586K JPEG)
Ocean Cove (537K JPEG)
Pillar Point Harbor (594K JPEG)
SF Bay Berkeley (700K JPEG)
SF Bay Emeryville (700K JPEG)
SF Bay Fort Baker (713K JPEG)
SF Bay Loch Lomond (700K JPEG)
SF Bay Pier 39 (696K JPEG)
SF Bay Small Craft (705K JPEG)
The mission of the California’s Marine Protected Areas Education and Outreach Initiative is to enhance MPA education through enduring partnerships to empower Californians to protect what they know and love.