Brochures, signs, posters, exhibits, maps and fact sheets.

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Online/mobile resources and videos, films and animations.

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Training & Teaching

Teaching/curriculum based materials and presentations and trainings.

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North Coast

Includes 20 MPAs and 7 special closures from the California/Oregon border to Alder Creek near Point Arena.

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North Central Coast

Includes 25 MPAs and 6 special closures between Alder Creek near Point Arena and Pigeon Point.

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Central Coast

Includes 29 MPAs between Pigeon Point and Point Conception.

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South Coast

Includes 50 MPAs and 2 special closures between Point Conception and the Mexican border, including offshore islands.

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The mission of California’s Marine Protected Areas Education and Outreach Initiative is to enhance MPA education through enduring partnerships to empower Californians to protect what they know and love.