Central Coast Panels & Signs

Ano Nuevo
Asilomar- Spanish Bay
Big Creek MPA (311K JPEG)
Cambria Moonstone (767K JPEG)
Cambria and White Rock MPAs- Shamel Park (328K JPEG)
Carmel Stillwater (704K JPEG)
Elkhorn Slough (781K JPEG)
Greyhound Rock
Hearst Castle (415K JPEG)
Montana de Oro State Park, Point Buchon MPA (299K JPEG)
Monterey Peninsula- Hopkins Marine Station
Morro Bay MPA (292K JPEG)
Natural Bridges MPA (360K JPEG)
Piedras Blancas- Arroyo de la Cruz
Piedras Blancas- South Trail
Piedras Blancas (414K JPEG)
Piedras Blancas- South
Point Buchon- Central Coast Aquarium
Point Buchon Bluff (332K JPEG)
Point Lobos MPA (325K JPEG)
Carmel Bay- Cypress Point
Carmel Bay- Pescadero Point
Andrew Molera MPA Informational Sign (338K JPEG)
Monastary Beach MPA Informational Sign (336K JPEG)
Leffingwell MPA Informational Sign (358K JPEG)
Monterey Harbor Sign (286K JPEG)
Moss Landing Harbor Sign (291K JPEG)
Morro Bay Harbor (586K JPEG)
Moss Landing Harbor (561K JPEG)
Port San Luis (557K JPEG)
Santa Cruz Harbor (598K JPEG)
Santa Cruz Fishing Kiosk (CDFW)
San Luis Obispo Fishing Kiosk (CDFW)

Originally created by Wildcoast, “You are Here” signs are designed to orient visitors to their location in relation to an MPA’s boundaries and to inform them about its take regulations.

Moro Cojo Slough SMR (184K PDF)
White Rock SMCA Harvey (366K PDF)
White Rock SMCA Wedgewood (364K PDF)
Piedras Blancas- Pt. Sierra Nevada Trailhead
Piedras Blancas- Old Motel Parking Lot
Piedras Blancas- North Lighthouse Beach
Piedras Blancas- Marine Mammal Turnout
Piedras Blancas- Lone Cypress Tree
Piedras Blancas- Elephant Seal Viewing Area
Piedras Blancas- Arroyo de la Cruz
Piedras Blancas- Arroyo de la Cruz Bridge
Pacific Grove Marine Gardens- Ocean View Blvd.
The mission of the California’s Marine Protected Areas Education and Outreach Initiative is to enhance MPA education through enduring partnerships to empower Californians to protect what they know and love.