Fishing & MPAs Videos

A series of videos for anglers highlighting Calico Bass, California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program, youth fishing, and the spillover concept.

Produced by the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation in 2021 with funding from the MPA Outreach and Education Small Grants Program provided by the Ocean Protection Council’s Once-Through Cooling (OTC) Interim Mitigation Fund. 

Good News for Calico Bass Fishing in California


The most-caught saltwater fish is also the most-released fish in Southern California. What changes in Southern California’s calico bass population have you experienced? Watch this video on YouTube and let us know your thoughts on the current state of calico bass fishing in California.

Fishing for Answers with California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program


What is CCFRP? The California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program is a partnership of people and communities interested in our fisheries. By combining the expertise and ideas of fishermen and scientists, CCFRP has successfully established protocols to gather information for fisheries management through utilizing local charter boats and the help of numerous volunteer anglers to study growth rates and fish density in California MPAs. Watch this video to learn more about the program and how to get involved!

Conservation Through the Eyes of a Child Angler


Less screen-time, more sea-time! Check out this video about the joy and life lessons learned straight from fishing kids. Healthy productive oceans, sustainable populations, it’s up to all of us to keep the next generation on the water! Wise beyond their years, see the world of fishing and ocean conservation through the eyes of a child with this short video.

Fishing the Line in California


Fish Movement and Spillover… Myth or Reality? One of the best ways to tell whether spillover is working is to look where the anglers are positioning their boats. Are they are consistently setting up their boats on the boundary lines of protected areas? If so, they are doing it for a reason! Protected areas are working, both in terms of protecting fish and “spilling over” fish for anglers to catch outside the boundary line.

The mission of the California’s Marine Protected Areas Education and Outreach Initiative is to enhance MPA education through enduring partnerships to empower Californians to protect what they know and love.