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MPA Geocaching

A series of hidden treasures or geocaches are now hidden along the coast near several MPAs! Geocaching, a real-world treasure hunting game using GPS (global positioning system), allows people of all ages to explore the coastline in search of the cache boxes and the treasures within. Each geocache box contains information about marine protected areas, otherwise known as underwater parks, a logbook to sign your name and fish magnets that are free for the taking.

New to geocaching? No problem! Visit the official geocaching website, http://www.geocache.com, for more information, access to tutorials and links with tips and tricks for starting the hunt.

Geocaches are currently hidden in the following MPAs- Enjoy the hunt!


iNaturalist- Snapshot Cal Coast

Every year since 2016 the California Academy of Sciences organizes Snapshot Cal Coast-a statewide effort to document coastal species in California.  Community members hit the coast to help obtain a snapshot of biodiversity along the California coast that will be useful for and scientists and managers at local, regional, and state levels. Join this annual event in June, or join the iNaturalist community to make your own observations year-round.

Snapshot Cal Coast


The mission of the California’s Marine Protected Areas Education and Outreach Initiative is to enhance MPA education through enduring partnerships to empower Californians to protect what they know and love.