Visit Your Local MPAs

Each MPA in California is special and each provides a unique experience for its visitors. Whether it is Elkhorn Slough that attracts bird watchers from far and wide, Point Lobos known for its unmatched SCUBA diving opportunities, or Año Nuevo that welcomes thousands of visitors during the peak elephant seal season, these MPAs all deserve a visit!

North Coast MPAs

Reading Rock State Marine Conservation Area and State Marine Reserve
© Michelle Rhea
South Cape Mendocino State Marine Reserve
© Paul Elliot
Big Flat State Marine Conservation Area
© Bill Lemos
South Humboldt Bay State Marine Recreational Management Area
© Humboldt State University
Ten Mile State Marine Protected Areas
© DaveFranklin
Pyramid Point State Marine Conservation Area
© Jim Johnston

North Central Coast MPAs

Montara/Pillar Point
© C Roy Yokingco

Farallon Islands
© Hugh D Scott
Point Reyes
Bodega Bay
© Danielle-Brown
Salt Point
© Michael McAreavy
Point Arena
© Danielle Brown
Russian River
© Scott Holcomb

Central Coast MPAs

Año Nuevo
© Brian Wehrung
Natural Bridges
© Linda Hitchcock
Elkhorn Slough
© Kip Evans Photography
Point Lobos
© Keith Swenson
The Pt. Sur Lighthouse
© Carol O’Neil
Morro Bay
© Kevin Cole


South Coast MPAs

Naples State Marine Conservation Area
© Andrew Sorcini
Campus Point No-Take State Marine Conservation Area
© Bruce Perry
Laguna BeachLaguna Beach
© Mine Beyaz
Santa Catalina Island
© Joe Swallia
Palos Verdes
© Bruce Perry
La Jolla Marine Protected Areas
© Peter Chigmaroff