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Tide Pools

If you haven’t been to a tide pool lately, the central California coast boasts some of the finest anywhere on earth. Tide pools are important to hundreds of plants and animals, especially young organisms. Learn about nudibranches, sea stars, shore birds and some of the historical characters that first studied these rocky pools.


Primary audience:
General public, teachers, kids, etc
“Tide Pools” was created to educated people about the one of the most diverse habitats on earth.
Produced by Mountain and Sea Productions. Directed and shot by Kip Evans. Script by Jenny Carless. Narrated by Lily Hills. Edited by Kip Evans & Robyn Hutman
Limited Web and DVD distribution
Where to get it:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTRIuOA13mU

You can also request a DVD from the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation.


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