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Visit Point Lobos

Point Lobosphoto copyright Keith Swenson

Point Lobos is a spectacular, geologically unique area, contains a rich diversity of rare plant communities, and incredibly rich flora and fauna both on shore and in the water. It is located along the Central California Coast in Monterey County.

Interesting Facts:

  • Point Lobos was the first marine reserve established in the United States in 1960.
  • Famed landscape artist Francis McComas (1875 – 1938) called Point Lobos the “greatest meeting of land and water in the world”. Today, people still feel the same way!
  • Point Lobos hosts some of the best SCUBA diving in California. It is rich in natural resources both above and below the water’s surface!
  • There was a large whaling community at Point Lobos in the late 1800’s. They hunted gray whales with harpoons for their blubber, which was boiled down and used for lamp fuel. Whaling activities slowed with the advent of kerosene lamps making the demand for whale blubber inconsequential.
    Whalers Cabin Museum
    photo copyright Chad King/SIMoN
  • The whaling station museum at Point Lobos State Reserve is the only on-site whaling museum on the west coast.
  • Hollywood Stars! At least 47 movies have been filmed at Point Lobos!
  • For more information please visit

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