Informational Panels & Signs

Leffingwell MPA Informational Sign (358K JPEG)
Andrew Molera MPA Informational Sign (338K JPEG)
Monastary Beach MPA Informational Sign (336K JPEG)
No-Fishing Sign (169K JPEG)

This sign is specific to state marine reserves and will be placed at land locations adjacent to these areas.

MPA No Fishing or Collection (84K JPEG)
No Take of Abalone (115K JPEG)

Originally created by Wildcoast, “You are Here” signs are designed to orient visitors to their location in relation to an MPA’s boundaries and to inform them about its take regulations.

North Coast

Reading Rock SMCA (186K PDF)
Samoa SMCA (182K PDF)
Ten Mile SMR - Vista Point (148K PDF)
Double Cone Rock SMCA_Rockport Beach (154K PDF)
Ten Mile Estuary SMCA (137K PDF)

North Central Coast

Stewarts Point SMR (181K PDF)
Salt Point SMCA South Fisk Mill (131K PDF)
Salt Point SMCA Mile Marker 42 (130K PDF)
Salt Point SMCA Stump Beach (130K PDF)
Salt Point SMCA Gerstle Cove - Warren Creek-Access (130K PDF)
Salt Point SMCA Warren Creek (130K PDF)
Salt Point SMCA South Gerstle Cove (130K PDF)
Salt Point SMCA Gerstle Cove (130K PDF)
Bodega Head SMR Bodega Dunes (160K PDF)
Bodega Head SMR Bodega Head South (177K PDF)
Bodega Head SMR Bodega Head North (179K PDF)
Russian River SMCA Goat Rock North (127K PDF)
Saunders Reef SMCA Schooner Gulch NW (138K PDF)
Saunders Reef SMCA Schooner Gulch SE (138K PDF)

Central Coast

Moro Cojo Slough SMR (184K PDF)
White Rock SMCA Harvey (366K PDF)
White Rock SMCA Wedgewood (364K PDF)

South Coast

Point Dume SMCA (233K PDF)
Crystal Cove SMCA Morning Canyon (271K PDF)
Crystal Cove SMCA Cameo Shores (274K PDF)
Crystal Cove SMCA Evening Canyon (272K PDF)
Tijuana River Mouth SMCA (157K PDF)
Batiquitos Lagoon SMCA Gabbiano Lane (391K PDF)
Batiquitos Lagoon SMCA East Trail (394K PDF)
Batiquitos Lagoon SMCA Cholla Point (394K PDF)
Famosa Slough SMCA W Point Loma Blvd (143K PDF)
Famosa Slough SMCA Mentone Street (166K PDF)
Famosa Slough SMCA Loop Trail (173K PDF)
Famosa Slough SMCA South-Trail (165K PDF)
Swami's SMCA Moonlight State Beach (248K PDF)
Swami's SMCA D Street (248K PDF)

Orange County Signs
The “crab” sign incorporates both interpretive and regulatory language to notify visitors that they are entering a MPA and inform them of the regulations that apply.

The mission of the California’s Marine Protected Areas Education and Outreach Initiative is to enhance MPA education through enduring partnerships to empower Californians to protect what they know and love.